Workshop on Accelerator Architectures for the Masses

held in conjunction with ICS 2011, Tuscon Arizona

June 4th, 2011

Call for Papers

As we move into an energy-constrained era, current general-purpose multicore processors will find it increasingly hard to scale up to application requirements in an efficient manner. This workshop envisions a radically different future in which the multicore chip includes specialized accelerator cores that take care of the bulk of the computation. We are already headed in this direction; 4 out of the Top 5 fastest supercomputers are hybrid designs based on GP-GPUs. Mainstream multicore chips already include diverse accelerators such as GP-GPUs and Cryptographic units. Vendors promise to deliver plenty more accelerators if we can figure out what needs acceleration and how to harness these diverse types of cores. These heterogeneous manycore chips that integrate novel accelerator units with general-purpose processors promise high levels of performance and energy-efficiency. At this time, there is a critical need for research to enable widespread use of manycore accelerators and GPUs across a wide variety of mainstream applications and programming paradigms

This workshop seeks to bring together computer architects, software researchers, and application developers for a discussion on the potential and challenges for the accelerator vision. We would like to understand the architecture and design of these manycore chips and how they integrate into the existing software stack. We would also like to understand the types of applications and the programming constructs that will help us harness their compute capabilities. We hope to develop a well-integrated program that addresses includes presentations on the systems architecture, software runtime, OS support, and applications for accelerators.

WACy'11 will be co-located with ICS 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. The workshop program will include presentations of peer-reviewed papers as well as a keynote.

The organizing committee is soliciting presentations on any topic related to compute accelerators, including

  • Novel accelerator and GP-GPU architectures.
  • How do we integrate GPUs, accelerators and CPUs for general purpose computing?
  • Memory system and Interconnects for GPUs and accelerators.
  • Accelerator-awareness in the general-purpose processor?
  • Runtime systems and programming environments for hybrid architectures
  • OS resource management and scheduling
  • Characterizing energy efficiency of accelerator-based computing
  • Profiling infrastructure to identify acceleratable parts of the application

Paper submission

Authors are invited to submit original work that advocates new architectures, develops software support, or reports on actual experience. Papers should be submitted in the double column ACM SIG proceedings format, and are limited to 6 pages.

Accepted papers will be available to participants at the meeting and will also be posted on our workshop website. The authors of the top two highly ranked papers will be provided an opportunity to formally publish their work in the IEEE Computer Architecture Letters.

Submission website : EASY Chair Link

Important dates

Submissions due: 15th April 2011, 11:59 PST ( Pacific Standard Time ) (Abstracts can be submitted as early as April 8th)
Notification: 12th May 2011

Workshop: June 4th 2011

Organizing Committee

Workshop organizers

Arrvindh Shriraman (Simon Fraser University)
Tor Aamodt (University of British Columbia)

Program committee

Rajeev Balasubromanian, University of Utah
James Balfour, NVIDIA Research
Mike O'Connor, AMD Research
Ali Bakhoda, UBC
Michael C. Huang, University of Rochester
Hyesoon Kim, Georgia Tech
Natalie Enright Jerger, University of Toronto
Wilson Fung, UBC
David Kaeli, Northeastern University
Paul Lalonde, Intel Labs
Steve Lumetta, University of Illionois
P. Sadayappan, Ohio State University
Michael Shebanow, Nvidia Research
Mattan Erez , UT Austin
Greg Steffan, University of Toronto
Michael Schulte, AMD Research